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Two Years In & Going Strong

Greetings, friends and donors,

Thank you for being part of the Judy Macias Young Leaders Scholarship Fund! Two years in and going strong!

It’s a wonderful way to remember Judy’s unique skills of bringing people together and making things happen! She excelled at seeking people out, finding out their best skills, getting them going and appreciating them to the max! Working on projects with Judy always made us proud. What a legacy to build on! It's exciting to watch our five students find out what they are good at and give them encouragement by appreciating their energy, stick-to-itiveness and willingness to explore. We are celebrating lots of successes and possibilities. Judy would have loved this!!

Here’s our mentors’ report on the students they are working with (attached) - Please enjoy reading about how your participation and support has helped our mentors and young leaders get ready to follow along in Judy’s big footsteps and make a huge difference on the Coastside.

Ways to donate included in the attachment - THANK YOU!

Best regards,

Julia McKeon and Julia O'Daly

Download Newsletter Below

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