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December 2021- 1st Semester Success!

First semester of college successfully completed! It’s been a challenge with COVID-19, hybrid classes, a new school environment, jobs, and volunteer opportunities, but this is the beginning of their journey. We are proud of these young ladies for now officially being the first in their families to attend college! Below are selfies we requested from them right after finishing their last exam/paper. The Hernandez Zamora twins attending UC Berkeley are lucky to have multi-generational help from both Jeanette Ward and her daughter, Jennifer Phillips, who meet with them in Berkeley and are available for support. Below is a picture of the twins at a recent HMB Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser. We know Judy is smiling too. Their success is due to your enthusiasm, help and support. The students, the mentors and all of us in the Macias Young Leaders College Fund Committee appreciate you for believing in our mission and giving back to our future leaders. It makes a big difference to know that their home town is cheering them on! The mentors have been part of their success as they support the young leaders in their academic schedules, tutoring, and their next year’s academic plan. Wanting to make the biggest impact on the next generation of leaders, the committee decided that we would set a goal to fund these young leaders through all four years of college.

If you would like to contribute toward the scholarships for next year, please click the donate button. Following the link, please select Judy’s fund on the list.

"Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.” Anatole France

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